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Our 6-Step Product Manufacturing Process is guaranteed to make your project a success

Onyx360 6-Step Product Development Process

We have a perfect ‘Thinker – Doer’ relationship with our clients.

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Onyx360 Product Manufacturing Step 1: Know the Business Targets svg

Step 1

Understand Your “WHY”

Know the Business Targets

You are the reason we are in business. You are our “WHY”. Our job is to understand what drives your passion so we know how to best help you achieve your goals.

You will work with your dedicated project manager to set expectations for your project. Our team will make sure you know what to expect along every step along the way.

Understand You as a Customer


Understand Your Business Targets & Goals


Understand Your Product’s Needs & Production Requirements


What’s next? Glad you asked.

Onyx360 Product Development Process Step 2: Focus on Business Development

Step 2

“Quote It and Rough It Out…..Fast!”

Focus on Business Development

Everything comes back to growth. We don’t want to waste your time with endless hours of design modification and changes if the project cannot meet your business goals.

We provide quotes and design solutions that assure success moving forward. It’s not a question of “if” it will work, but how.

Quote 1 | Business Development Quote


Design Feasibility & Cost Target Validation


Design for Manufacturing (DFM)


The pricing works and we have some design options ready. Let’s keep moving forward.

Onyx360 Product Development Process Step 3: Build It. Validate It. Refine It.

Step 3

Development and Sampling

Build it. Validate it. Refine it.

Improvement is a process of learning compared with process control and measurement. We usually build 2-3 samples during this phase. By the end of this phase, you have a finished and complete product ready for tooling and testing.

You will get full exposure to everything we do and all the options we look at. We take you through this development process. You are the reason we are here after all.

Quote 2 | Refine Quote: Sample & Development


Sample & Prototype Creation


Functional Testing & Engineering Refinement


Ask and dig. We like questions and we like our clients coming along for the ride.

Onyx360 Product Development Process Step 4: Cut a Tool Only After Validation

Step 4

Tooling and Pre-Production Units

Cut a Tool Only After Validation

We don’t trigger the tooling process until both you and our quality assurance team are confident the product has leveled up and is ready to go into production. Tooling usually take 4 samples to get right. We label these T0-T3. T4 is your pre-production golden sample.

Keep in mind that sometimes we have to do tooling before testing and certification. UL safety testing is a perfect example of this.

Quote 3 |Refine Quote: Production & Tooling


Tooling Design & Cycle Time Analysis


Packaging Design & Logistics Review


We don’t start anything until you’ve seen multiple production samples and give your approval.

Onyx360 Product Development Process Step 5: Don't Pay if It Doesn't Meet Standards

Step 5

Safety Testing, Certification, and Quality Assurance

Don’t Pay if It Doesn’t Meet Standards

Our expert quality assurance team has managed quality assurance for brands like Microsoft, LITE-ON, and HP. We don’t leave anything to chance or assumptions.  This is why none of our factories receive payment until your products meet your safety and quality standards.

You will get a custom built inspection & standards document for every product that you have. This will establish all inspection requirements, quality limits, performance, and visual standards. We follow your recommended AQL’s.

Quote 4 | Refine Quote: Production & Tooling


Tooling Design & Cycle Time Analysis


Packaging Design & Logistics Review


We work with a large number of baby and food products. “Keeping it safe” is part of who we are.

Onyx360 Product Development Process Step 6: Create Cost Savings

Step 6

Production, Shipping, and Logistics

Create Cost Savings by Focusing on Production & Logistics Efficiency

We have one last effort to get you to the target you’re looking for. We run through all the material ordering, shipment costs, production plans, and assembly processes to squeeze every dollar out.

By the time we are finished, you will know you are getting a great product.

Quote 5 | Refine Quote: Production & Shipping


Production & Quality Management


Shipping & Logistics Preparation


Shipments and payments are processed  ONLY after a final QC inspection results in a “PASS” mark. We guarantee there will be NO surprises at the end of the process.

Whatever your manufacturing goals are, we can help you.

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